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Litigation / Mediation / Collaboration

At Beilue & Stewart, P. C. our goal is to assist clients with the resolution of disputes by listening carefully to help clients determine their goals, and by providing legal options that allow clients to reach those goals.   Our attorneys are skilled in litigation, mediation, arbitration, and collaboration.
All legal options are considered with the client, and the client makes the decision as to how to proceed with the case.
  • Mediation -- is a method in which an impartial, trained person, the mediator, assists the parties to reach an agreed resolution.  Mediation may occur at the beginning of a case, or right before a trial date.
  • Collaboration -- is a process in which the parties, along with their attorneys, develop a settlement plan which addresses the interests of everyone involved.  The process provides privacy and is ideal when the parties hope to maintain a relationship in the future--as in family or probate disputes.


  • Litigation -- is the traditional problem solving method in which each party presents the facts to a judge or jury, and the judge or jury make a decision which is binding on the parties.

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